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    Delivery Information

    Orders wired within the U.S. must be received before 2:00pm in the recipient’s time zone to assure same-day delivery. Orders received after that time will be delivered the following day (except Sunday).

    Local Delivery Charge: $8.00

    We will do our best to accommodate deliveries requests for specific times of day, but we cannot guarantee it.


    We are able to deliver to most of our local destinations (with a $5.00 Sunday surcharge except for funeral deliveries). Orders requiring a Sunday delivery should be placed at least 24 hours in advance.

    What happens if the recipient is not home when my delivery is attempted?

    Our professional delivery team makes every attempt to deliver your gift successfully. We understand there is an emotional advantage to having the flowers delivered at the requested time. The exact time of every delivery attempt is logged by our drivers along with the name of the person who accepts the delivery and that information is stored in our computers. Unfortunately, because flowers are usually a surprise delivery, the recipient is not always available to accept our delivery. Unless the customer instructs us otherwise (in advance), here is how we handle “unavailable recipients”.

    Business Deliveries: Due to security restrictions, many companies require us to leave deliveries in the reception or security area. We will have the co-worker or security officer sign for the package so delivery can be verified.

    Residential Deliveries: If the recipient is not home, our drivers will try three to four close-by neighbors to see if they will accept the delivery. If a neighbor is kind enough to do so, we log the time and their name, then leave a door tag on the recipient’s home indicating where the package was left. If there no neighbors available or willing to accept the delivery, we still leave a door tag indicating the time we were there and that the package has been returned to our store. When the recipient calls us, we reschedule a delivery at their convenience. 

    Hospital Deliveries: Hospital stays simply aren’t as long they used to be. Patients are sometimes released on very short notice. At the same time, our hospitals are getting much larger, more secure and more complicated to deliver to. Unfortunately, hospitals no longer provide forwarding addresses, so if the patient has been discharged, we return the package to our main store and contact the sender (you) to ask for a home address where we can deliver the flowers.

    Will you ever leave the package outside?
    Our preference is to avoid that whenever possible, but sometimes it becomes a consideration if there are no close-by neighbors at home and our staff believes the gift’s impact will be marginalized by redelivering on a later date. In those cases, if the product is not overly sensitive and the weather is cooperating,  we may find a protected area around the porch or garage where we can leave the package. But, even if we compromise our delivery policy for the benefit of  
    the customer or recipient, our product is always fully guaranteed. The only exception to that guarantee is if the customer or recipient insists we leave a package outside against our better judgment. In that case, we can not be responsible for the quality  of the product.